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Easy Peasy Slow-Cooked Brisket

Since we've been producing our own beef we've become great fans of slow cooking the cheaper cuts, like brisket and forerib. They don't look as spectacular as a topside or a rib roast on the bone, but the meat is gorgeous, hot or cold.


  • A casserole dish with a lid
  • A piece of brisket 1 - 3 kg (allow about 0.3 kg uncooked brisket per person)
  • A mixture of port and water or a dark beer like Guiness or Exmoor Beast Ale - strong for a rich gravy or weak for a lighter gravy but enough to cover the meat
  • Patience and a slow oven (about 80 -100 degrees centigrade)
  • This works equally well with a slow roast forerib joint but a slow roast forerib needs less time to cook


Fry the meat quickly on a high heat the brown the outside and seal it, then put it in a casserole dish, cover it with liquid of your choice, put a lid on the dish and put the dish in a slow oven i.e. about 80 - 100 degrees centigrade.

A slow roast forerib will take about 3-4 hours per kg and brisket will take longer. Within reason, the longer you leave it, the better it will be...The best brisket I ever cooked was a 2 kg joint I put in the warming oven of the Aga and forgot for about for 24 hours!

When the meat is cooked, it will look awful but taste divine! If I'm brave enough, I'll post a photo next time I cook it.

 Pour the liquid into a jug, drain off the fat on top, thicken the gravy as you like it, with a spoonful or two of flour or cornflour, and serve the meat (which will be flaky, succulent 'pulled beef') with seasonal vegetables.

This brisket or slow roast rib makes the best sandwiches ever - hot or cold.