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West Ilkerton Farm

All the flavour of Exmoor

The meat from West Ilkerton Farm has inspired these tasty recipes.

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Beef Recipes

Sophie's Sirloin Steak

Many thanks to Sophie Perks for sending us some mouthwatering beef recipes that she used when cooking our beef. 

Sophie lives in Edinburgh, and we sent her a box of beef by courier. This is her first recipe.

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Braised Exmoor Beef

At the launch of #EatExmoor on 7th February, top chef Ian Jarmarkier cooked some of our Devon shin of beef in a cookery demonstration.
Everyone agreed it was absolutely delicious. Thanks, Ian!
Streamcombe Cookery School, Dulverton, TA22 9SA. Tel: 01398 322873

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Exmoor Beast Beef

You can slow cook this recipe, too, if you are going to be out for several hours.

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