Our next date for beef and lamb boxes will be Tuesday February 6th 2018. 

All our beef cattle are pedigree Devon (‘Red Ruby’) and are born and raised at West Ilkerton. They are grass fed, kept as naturally as possible to minimise stress and are treated with compassion at all times. We take them to the local abattoir in Combe Martin ourselves.

Our beef boxes cost £160 each, and contain an excellent selection of roasts, steaks, mince and meat for slower cooking. At least 12 kg of meat (all the boxes weigh 13 kg plus to allow for the rib bone and some fat on certain cuts so they cook well).
Typical contents of each box (as a general rule, allow about 0.2 kg meat per person when cooking):
Silverside 1.5 kg
Topside 2.0 kg
Brisket 2.0 kg
Slow roast 1.4 kg
Rib roast 1.3 kg
Rump steak 0.5 kg (pack of two)
Fillet steak 0.3 kg (pack of two)
Sirloin steak 0.4 kg (pack of two)
Braising steak 0.7 kg
Shin 1 kg
Skirt 0.3 kg
Stewing steak 1 kg
Steak mince 1 kg
Extra mince can be added at £7 / kg (1 kg bags)
Extra stewing steak can be added at £9 / kg (1 kg bags)
Extra sirloin steak £22 / kg (packs of 2 weighing approx 0.4 kg)
Extra rump steak £17 / kg (packs of 2 weighing approx 0.5kg)
A bag of bones is free (please ask if you’d like some).
Delivery is free in the Lynton area (within 5 miles by road of EX35 6QA), and we may be able to deliver frozen meat to somewhere central in Ilfracome, Barnstaple or South Molton.
You’re welcome to collect your meat from West Ilkerton Farm if you prefer. 

We also sell frozen mince, stewing steak, sirloin steak and rump steak if we have some left over after doing the boxes. Prices listed above.

Free dog bones may also be available. Collection only.


West Ilkerton box of half a lamb

Lamb from us in half lamb boxes, cut in the traditional way and vacuum packed. Cut as you want it (whole or half leg & shoulder, rack of lamb or chops, boned and rolled breast or mince).

The price is £80 per 1/2 lamb box or £150 for a whole lamb
A typical box contains at least:

2.8 kg leg
2.2 kg shoulder
0.6 kg cutlets
0.7 kg loin chops
0.7 kg mince or rolled breast
All in all, that’s 7 – 8 kg, so a box works out at just over£10 / kg.

Lamb box with half leg and shoulder, chops and minced breast

Half lamb box with a boned, rolled breast, chops and half leg plus shoulder

Lamb box with half leg and shoulder, chops and boned, rolled breast