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West Ilkerton Farm

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Tractor Tours

See Exmoor's Wildlife

A variety of wildlife can usually be seen as we travel around the farm, from birds and butterflies to mammals like foxes and red deer.

See Exmoor's WildlifeSee Exmoor's Wildlife

See Our Sheep and Cattle

During your tour you'll be able to help feed some of our farm animals, and because they're used to seeing the tractor and trailer we can get really close so you can view them from the safety of the trailer. Remember to bring your camera!

See Our Sheep and CattleSee Our Sheep and Cattle

Make Friends With Our Exmoor Ponies

Our pedigree Exmoor ponies are very inquisitive, so when they hear the tractor they always come to see what's going on, and whether carrots are involved!

Make Friends With Our Exmoor PoniesMake Friends With Our Exmoor Ponies