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West Ilkerton Farm

Fresh Beef

Our next date for fresh beef will be 1st April 2020

New system of ordering and delivery / collection:
Please see below for the cuts available and their prices, plus the approximate weight of each pack. You will be charged for the actual weight.
Payments by BACS only. We will send you an invoice by email or messenger.
We can deliver to your doorstep in the Lynton area (as long as parking near your house is easy) or you can collect your box from the farm (social distancing rules apply). 

A next day delivery service is available for £25 post and packing for parcels weighing up to 15 kg. The meat will be collected from us on Thursday 2nd April and delivered to you sometime on Friday 3rd April. It will be fresh, not frozen. Please allow for the weight of the box and packaging when adding up the weight of your order - about 1.5 kg for box, insulation and ice packs. 
(This service is run by PJ Couriers, who are operating at the moment but that might change at short notice. If they have to stop operating and you have ordered meat to be delivered we will cancel your order and give you a full refund.)
Minimum order £50
We are taking bookings now. Please call 01598 752310 or email

Fresh Lamb

We will not be selling any more whole, half or quarter lamb boxes until September 2020. Forward orders taken until August 2020 will be charged at 2019 prices.

Fresh lamb boxes, cut and packed as you'd like them.
Please telephone 01598 752310 to place your order.

Frozen Beef & Lamb

We usually have boxes of frozen meat in our freezer, so please contact us if you would like some.

Beef Meat Boxes


Fresh beef to be picked up or delivered (see above) on 1st April 2020.
The meat will be vacuum packed and handled hygienically.
5% discount for orders worth £50 - £100
!0% discount for orders worth over £100
Minimum order £50

  • Rib of beef on the bone (approx 1.2 kg) £19.50 / kg
  • Topside (approx 1.5 kg) £15.50 / kg
  • Silverside (approx 1.5 kg) 13.50 / kg
  • Slow roast forerib (approx 1.5 kg) £12.80 / kg
  • Brisket (approx 1.5 kg) £12 / kg
  • Fillet steaks (approx 0.3 kg pack of 2) £48 / kg
  • Sirloin steaks (approx 0.4 kg pack of 2) £27.50
  • Rump steaks (approx 0.5 kg pack of 2) £20 / kg
  • Minute steaks (pack of approx 0.4 kg) £16.50 / kg
  • Braising steak (approx 0.5 kg pack) £13.50 / kg
  • Diced beef (approx 0.5 kg) £10.50 / kg
  • Mince (approx 0.5 kg) £8/ kg
  • Gluten free beef burgers (pack of 4 in a tray weighing approx 0.5 kg - not vacuum packed) £4.90 / pack

Extras - £6

  • Our jute bags can be bought for £6
  • or for £5 with a meat order

Lamb Meat Boxes

Our Beef & Lamb

Our Beef

Devons produce wonderfully succulent, marbled beef with an excellent flavour.

All our beef cattle are pedigree ‘Red Ruby’ Devon and are born and raised at West Ilkerton. They are grass fed, kept as naturally as possible to minimise stress and are treated with compassion at all times.

During the spring, summer and autumn, they graze in large fields that have a variety of grass and scrub in them plus running water, so they are free to choose open ground or shade and shelter.

We use steers (castrated male calves) for our beef. When they are the correct weight, at around 26 months old, we take them to the local abattoir in Combe Martin ourselves. Our meat is dry-aged in a cold store at Combe Martin Meats for at least three weeks before being cut and packed by their master butcher.

All cuts are vacuum packed for freshness, and our beef burgers and sausages are packed in trays covered with film. The sausages and beef burgers are gluten free.

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Our BeefOur Beef

Our Lamb

All our lambs are born and raised here at West Ilkerton.

We have a flock of pedigree Exmoor horn ewes, and breed both purebred Exmoor horns and ‘halfbreds’ (crossed with a Border Leicester). These halfbred ewes are then put to a Texel or Chartex ram to get a larger, leaner carcass than a typical Exmoor horn would produce.

Lambing takes place indoors during the last two weeks of March and first two weeks of April. As soon as the lambs are strong enough, and if the weather is okay, they are let out into fields of fresh spring grass with their mothers and they stay outside in the fields until weaning in September, when the ewes and lambs are separated. The lambs are then let out as a flock on the lush after-grass from our hay and silage fields on the home side of the farm. Some ewe lambs are kept as flock replacements, some are sold for breeding to other farms and the best of our wether lambs (castrated males) are kept for our meat boxes while the rest are sold as store lambs at Blackmoor Gate Market.

We take our meat lambs to the abattoir at Combe Martin ourselves. The meat is air dried in a cold store for up to a week before being cut and packaged according to our customer’s requirements by the master butcher at Combe Martin.

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Our LambOur Lamb

Ordering & Delivery


To place an order, please call us on 01598 752 310

Courier Service

Delivery of fresh beef and lamb boxes is free in the Lynton area (within 5 miles by road of EX35 6QA), and we may be able to deliver frozen meat to somewhere central in Ilfracombe, Barnstaple or South Molton.

You’re welcome to collect your meat from West Ilkerton Farm if you prefer. Please call 01598 752 310 beforehand to arrange a time.

We are now able to offer a 24 hour courier service throughout mainland Britain as far north as Inverness (up to 15kg per box).

Our strong made-to-last jute shopping bags can be bought for £6, or for £5 with an order of meat.